You might say Chris Keet was born to Surf. Actually, you SHOULD say it, cause it's true. Raised on a boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor, it was only natural that Chris would find his way into the waves- and once he got started, he never looked back.  

After 23 years of competitive surfing, founding Surf Happens surf school, ushering several local groms into the pro ranks, resurrecting the fabled Rincon Classic, teaching thousands of former landlubbers how to surf, and being inducted into the UCSB Sports Hall of Fame, Keet certainly has no plans of slowing down. 

In fact, experience and success have only fueled Keet's life mission of sharing the wonderful sport of surfing.  Never losing site of how his relationship with the ocean has shaped his life, Chris strives to give back to the community that raised him, tenfold.

With the establishment of the Surf Happens Foundation, Keet has inspired a new generation of surfers by donating his expertise to at-risk youth and cancer survivors.  His goal, as usual, is to introduce as many people as possible to the healing powers of the ocean- and inspire a lifetime of health, exercise, recreation, and growth for those he teaches. 

Chris with his 3 (2011) NSSA surfing titles. Go Uncle Keet!

Chris with his 3 (2011) NSSA surfing titles. Go Uncle Keet!

“ There is something almost indescribable about sharing what you have passion for with those eager to learn. To see the smile on a kids face when they stand up for the first time, watching an adult turn back into a youth and forget about responsibilities, or helping others set and achieve goals is a really humbling and rewarding experience.

 After more than fourteen years working with students I am still just as fired up to teach someone their first steps, or help them focus on winning a National title. My aim is to teach what I was taught growing up in these local waters and traveling around the world as a surfer. To have passion for what you do, love and respect yourself, others, and the environment, and to be focused, standing up for what you believe in...that is truly living.”

Thank you for helping Chris in his continued mission to spread the wonder of surfing and the Aloha spirit. To support The Surf Happens with a donation, click here.