Our Story

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Chris Keet is no stranger to giving back to those in need.  As the owner of Surf Happens Surf School, Chris saw firsthand the difference that the wonderful sport of surfing makes in the lives of young people.  In 2006, Chris began donating his time and resources by organizing free camps for children and spearheading fundraising initiatives to bolster groups such as the Teddy Bear Foundation, Hugs for Cubs, and Xicanos United.  Chris's goal: to give back to the community by harnessing the joy and healing power that the ocean has offered him throughout his years of experience as a coach, competitive, and recreational surfer, and to share that joy with others.

The Surf Happens foundation was officially unveiled in 2010, becoming a certified 501(c)(3), and has grown by leaps and bounds, in the process supporting numerous notable groups and causes, including:

  • Military Veterans and their families
  • Deaf Surfers
  • Under-priviledged Youth
  • At-Risk Youth
  • Cancer Survivors & Battlers of All Ages

Additionally, The Surf Happens Foundation is proud to offer scholarships awarded to young people who demonstrate a passion and desire to excel in the sport of surfing, but who lack the financial means to do so.

Finally, the Surf Happens Foundation has recently expanded it's mission to promote environmental stewardship.  We raise awareness for responsible treatment of the environment by organizing and sponsoring beach cleanups and informational presentations at local and state-wide events, including the NSSA & SSS West Coast Championships. 

Surf Happens Foundation is determined to share and educated everyone about the healing power of the ocean, while fostering and focusing on providing a safe, healthy, and super-positive environment for EVERYONE to enjoy.


We thank you wholeheartedly for your support!