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Surf Happens Premier Surf School owner Chris Keet has always had a passion for inspiring kids through safe and fun experiences in the ocean, riding waves, and learning about the environment. Chris saw firsthand the difference that the wonderful sport of surfing makes in the lives of young people. In 2006, he began donating his time and resources by organizing free camps for those less fortunate, starting with kids with cancer and low-income families children. To provide these healthy ocean experiences, he spearheaded fundraising initiatives to bolster groups such as the Teddy Bear Foundation, Hugs for Cubs, and Xicanos United.

In 2010, Chris and his wife Jenny established Surf Happens Foundation in order to bring joy and the healing power of the ocean to those who can benefit from it the most.

It is gratitude for all that the ocean has provided them, the desire to improve lives, and a commitment to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards that drives Chris and Jenny. Knowing their own family (they have two young sons, Maddox and Jack) are always happy at the beach, they reach out and raise the funds to share that joy with others.

Surf Happens Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax-deductible and support programs serving a wide variety of deserving causes, including:

  • Military veterans and their families

  • Hearing-impaired and sight-impaired athletes

  • Under-privileged children and families who need a bit of ocean love

  • At-risk youth

  • Cancer survivors & battlers of all ages

  • Young people who demonstrate a passion to surf but lack financial resources

Surf Happens Foundation is determined to share the healing power of the ocean with as many people as possible, while fostering a safe, healthy, and empowering environment.

your support makes it happen. Thank you!