Kind Words


Santa Barbara, 3rd Year Surf Camp Scholarship Recipients 

“Surf Happens is one of the best programs offered in Santa Barbara. Over the years I have seen the self confidence learning to surf has provided my son. He is more out going, more willing to try new things, and more than anything - he has developed a passion for surfing. The staff are wonderful too. I highly recommend this program!”
— Jen Baron, mom

From Rowan 9 years old:
" Surf Happens is one of my favorite programs because we work as a team and surf and have lots and lots of fun. At the end of Surf Happens we get to surf in a final contest where everybody is a winner and we all get trophies and we're all happy at the end and we make lots of friends. When I'm surfing I'm motivated to keep going and when I fall down I get right back up and surf. It helps me realize that I'm a better surfer than I think and that everyone around me is also really good and you just have to keep trying. Surfing gives me lots of confidence to succeed. In my opinion, Surf Happens makes surfing easy and I recommend it. If you're really scared to try surfing the teachers help you overcome your fears and make surfing really fun! "


Santa Barbara, Grom Surf League Participants 

Thank you so much for the Coffin Brother’s Surf Out! You could see in every detail, the care and concern to make sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of! (What kind of tournament does that!?) From the very beginning, the signs up were so well organization, and to the end, providing food (super delicious too!) for everyone. WOW! You are just super amazing and such a great example!
— Angie Gittisarn, mom


New Jersey, 3rd Year Surf camp Scholarship Recipient

We wanted to let you know how awesome the camp was this week, for the Vaughn kids (scholarship recipients). As you know, none of the kids have ever surfed before. The first day Monday of this week, Khalid and Sadia caught on well and both caught waves and popped-up ( the new word I learned) and stood up and rode some waves!! Sadia was being cheered on by her fellow campers and had the biggest smile this summer. They were very patient and even-though some were young they were all excellent with kids.

First I want to say how awesome we were treated by the staff at Summertime Surf School. They were the most patient and experienced counselors I have met in a camp experience for children. Surfers are really good people!! I don’t know any personally, but from reading the owners bio at surf happens and speaking with you on the phone , I can tell how genuine you all are.

Sean, the owner of Summertime Surf, was out of this world. His treatment of us and everyone he encountered was the same. He was interested in learning about you guys and I hope you can meet him in your surf travels. He has a surf team too. I would like to continue and go back next summer and let my children learn ocean swimming and continue with surfing if they like. My son thinks he can just do anything and wants to surf, surf , surf!! My middle child Sadia will try anything but takes longer to catch on and focus, but she wont give-up, nothing is too big of a challenge for her. The younger Yasirah needs to gain confidence in the water and Im sure she will, she loves the beach, but is just apprehensive about those waves crashing down and not being able to see in the water.

I am so happy we got this opportunity, THANK-YOU!!!