Lakey Peterson Leadbetter Classic Results/Stories

Photo by: Mike Eliason (Noozhawk)

What do you get when you take one of the most popular female surfers on the planet and plan a free U14 surf contest to raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits? The answer was 168 excited groms and their families participating in the first annual Surf Happens Foundation, Lakey Peterson Leadbetter Classic(LPLC). The 2014 LPLC was held on Saturday December 20 under sunny skies with fun overhead surf, well if you’re a grom that is!

Lakey learned to compete in the Surf Happens contests and surf school as a youth and was eager to give back and create a fun, low stress event that benefitted the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and the Surf Happens Foundation. The concept was simple, nobody would lose in the first round , offering a repercharge division where the lower 50% of the bracket were separated into what amounted to a separate contest, and the top 50% continued on in the main event.

Surfers ages 4 to 14 began their day much as event staff, searching for a place to stay dry from the building swell and 6.4 high tide. What had been a large sandy beach became a swamp for several hours. Despite the high tide, the event surf remained highly contestable in both of the double areas for the entire day.  In fact kids were absolutely ripping and made it look like the waves were really good.

There were many stand outs, but the breakthrough performance of the event went to Sam Reichel who only caught two waves in the U14 main event final and scored a 9.5 enroute to victory. Another treat included an expression session to round out the day featuring Surf Happens alumni, professional surfers Lakey Peterson, Demi Boelsterli, and Kilian Garland  who put on a rail and tail blow clinic. Courtesy of the the Surf Happens Foundation’s High Five program, Lakey lead all of the kids in several beach clean ups and each picked up five pieces of trash off the beach and left it cleaner than it was prior to the event.

When the dust settled and the awards commenced on the bluff above Leadbetter the 78 finalists and their families enjoyed one of the best sunsets of the year as huge recycled trophies and prize bags were handed out. Smiles were flashing along with cameras and the memory banks logged in the first of what is sure to become a treasured annual tradition.

Special thanks to the City of Santa Barbara, event staff, volunteers, sponsors, and the generous contributions by local donors to help make this event happen.



U 8 Push In Repercharge Final

  1. Brooklyn Gittisarn
  2. Madlyn Skaar
  3. Kayla Crosby
  4. Malayla Morente
  5. Hazel Richard

Finalist:  Lily Catalano Dockins

Finalist:  Isabella Correno

Finalist:  Aricin Marshall

Finalist: Noah Morente


U8 Paddle In Repercharge Final

  1. D.J Heyman
  2. Crue Ziskand
  3. Jack Mcgibbon
  4. Kevin Mcgibbon
  5. Leland Morente
  6. Jesse Engel


U 10 Boys Repercharge Final

  1. Wade Kirkelie
  2. Zachary Woolfolk
  3. Wyatt Pieretti
  4. Otto Kissler
  5. Emani Iverson
  6. Adam Plata


U12 Girls Repercharge Final

  1. Melia Haller
  2. Ashley Trevino
  3. Kaili Falk
  4. Luca Plagetti
  5. Kira Cone
  6. Nyah Mcgetrick


U14 Girls Repercharge Final

  1. Blythe Hastings
  2. Emma Anscheidt
  3. London Gittisarn
  4. Naomi Norman
  5. Sydney Roman
  6. Grace Thereault


U 12 Boys Repercharge Final

  1. Darin Takeda
  2. Tyler Chiapara
  3. Ben Pace
  4. Blaize Cheverez
  5. Hayden Garfield
  6. Jack Mahoney


U14 Boys Repercharge Final

  1. Gavin Eason
  2. Miles Morgan
  3. Konner Mcgreggor
  4. Riley Svennson
  5. Kadin Bankroft
  6. Taylor Klein


U 8 Push In Main Event Final

  1. Seith Bankroft
  2. Georgia Diaz
  3. Walker Jensen
  4. Lolo Mcfadden
  5. Ella Randolph
  6. Isabella Careno
  7. Aricin Marshall
  8. Wyatt Holsted
  9. Savannah Skaar
  10. Huxley Mcgetrick

U 8 Paddle In Main Event Final

  1. Jack Zietz
  2. Cassidy Ebbin
  3. River Huhn
  4. Koa Modicette
  5. Kai Mault
  6. Santino Molfetta


U 10 Boys Main Event Final

  1. Caleb Faoro
  2. Hamilton Jacobs
  3. Jak Zietz
  4. Griffin Pieretti
  5. Curtis Jacobs
  6. Tahvin Modicette


U12 Girls Main Event Final

  1. Zoey Ziskand
  2. Makena Burke
  3. Gianna Stump
  4. Holland Gittisarn
  5. Hayden Randolph
  6. Izzy Hopkins


U14 Girls Main Event Final

  1. Lauren Garnett
  2. Izzy Hopkins
  3. Cameron Duby
  4. Holly Autio
  5. Lilly Hindley
  6. Emma Higgins


U 12 Boys Main Event Final

  1. Gavin Easony
  2. Shaemus Ohearn
  3. Marley Sapp
  4. Logan Carlson
  5. Trevor Berry
  6. Curtis Jacobs

U 14 Boys Main Event Final

  1. Sam Reichel
  2. Matty Pierce
  3. Zane Booth
  4. Alex Hecox
  5. William Scharin
  6. Nick Johanson



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