Results Of 2016 Surf Happens Foundation Lakey Peterson Keiki Bowl

The 3rd annual Lakey Peterson Keiki Bowl (LPKB) presented by the Surf Happens Foundation was held on Saturday December 17 under sunny skies with light offshore winds grooming the 1-3 foot surf. From dawn until dusk the beach and surrounding area at Leadbetter Point, Santa Barbara was filled with laughter, high fives, and smiling kids. 205 unique competitors participated in the event for ages open to local youth ages 5-14.

In addition to the regular divisions of the surfing competition which employed the Surf Happens Foundations’ Grom Surf League format where nobody loses in the first round, the LPKB featured a push in party division with over 35 under 8 kids being pushed into waves by friends and family. The Surf Happens Foundation shared environmental stewardship with Lakey acting as an ambassador, promoting the foundations High Five program, five simple solutions to personal pollution while hosting a beach clean up.

Through raffle and sponsor donations $5,500 was raised to support the Surf Happens Foundation’s Girls Inc After School Program that introduces local low income girls to the joy of surfing and the self esteem raising practices of overcoming fears, facing challenges, and enjoying nature.

Special thanks to supporting sponsors Channel Islands Surfboards, Hurley, Gopro, Cliff Bar, and Surf Happens, as well as contributing sponsors Scosche Audio, Sexwax, Santa Barbara Independent, and Deep Surf Magazine for their support as well as the efforts put forth by event staff.


U 8 Push In Party

·      Ryker Abing

·      Koa Birchim

·      Z Davis

·      Zoey Kaina

·      Aricin Marshall

·      Callum Hunt

·      Avery Oretsky

·      Ella Moss

·      Sofia Loyd

·      Reagan Neville

·      Anna Guild

·      Simon Day

·      Ryder Charrette

·      Sawyer Anderson

·      Maddox Keet

·      Zephyr Heman

·      Nikolina Negard

·      Patrick Carroll

·      Hugo Goodfield

·      Lake Cochrane

·      Flynn VanAuker

·      Sully Notaro

·      Jaden Tasic

·      Indira Simms

·      Tyler Miller

·      Talia Marshall

·      Jet Rocket Prefontaine

Main Event Results

U 8 Paddle :

1.     Kevin McGibben

2.     Josaia Penueta

3.     Ryan Chapman

4.     Beckett Mechtenberg

5.     Ryler Heyman

6.     Gisselle Roden

U10 Main:

1.     Ryan Kainalo

2.     Jack Charette

3.     Graham Chapman

4.     Jonas Meskis

5.     Jack McGibben

6.     River Huhn

U12 Boys

1.     Tyler Chiarappa

2.     Tanner Vodraska

3.     Caleb Faoro

4.     Hamilton Jacobs

5.     Curtis Jacobs

6.     Jonas Meskis

U14 Boys

1.     Tyler Chiarappa

2.     Trevor Berry

3.     Hamilton Jacobs

4.     Curtis Jacobs

5.     Darin Takeda

6.     Carson Studt

U12 Girls

1.     Stella Mohan

2.     Sydney Beckett

3.     Anna Hardy

4.     Holland Gittisarn

5.     Luna Lloyd

6.     Jayna Mamsten

U14 Girls

1.     Makena Burke

2.     Melia Haller

3.     Sophia McGovern

4.     Riley Malmsten

5.     Kaili Moorea Falk

6.     Anna Hardy

Repechage Finals

U 8 Paddle Repechage

1.     Tyler Miller

2.     Madelyn Skaar

3.     Keagan Abing

4.     Corbeau Pappas

5.     Tristan Day

6.     Isabella Correno

U 10 Boys

1.     Zeke DeMartini

2.     Alden Klein

3.     Crue Ziskand

4.     Nicholas Carrol

5.     Brooklyn Gittisarn

6.     Noah Arndt

U12 Boys

1.     Garrett Haller

2.     Carson Studt

3.     Drake Epstein

4.     Crue Ziskand

5.     Hawkins Pappas

6.     Jack McGibben

U 12 Girls

1.     Kelly Bowdle

2.     Rebecca Jambachian

3.     Vela Mattive

4.     Luella Pace

5.     Lulu Notaro

6.     Malaya Morente

U14 Girls

1.     Ava Beach

2.     Kelly Bowdle

3.     Isabella Moda

4.     Rebecca Jambachian

5.     Shella Norman

6.     Andria Chandler

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