Keiki Bowl, That's a Wrap!

2nd Annual Keki Bowl Wrap Up Story & Images

Saturday December 19, the Surf Happens Foundation hosted the second annual Lakey Peterson Keiki Bowl (LPKB) at Leadbetter Point, Santa Barbara. A FREE U14 surfing competition, the Keiki Bowl featured over 200 local kids and their families enjoying the beach together. The event is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, goal setting practices, and community while serving as a pay it forward fundraiser for the Surf Happens Foundation. All surfers progressed past the first round regardless of how they placed in their opening main event heat. The upper half of the bracket was remained in the Main Event while the lower half of the bracket advanced into a Repercharge Event. The rest of the competition proceeded with top 50% advancing in each division.

  Lakey Peterson was on hand from dawn until dusk cheering the kids on,  sharing her infectious stoke and passion and acting as an ambassador for the Surf Happens Foundation. It was only a few years ago that she was just a grommet herself learning in these same waters and competing in Surf Happens events. Her passion for the sport and enthusiasm for kids make her the perfect teacher. When the warm sunny conditions were replaced by cool and rainy, she started a game of beach flags to keep the kids warm and stoked. After the game she hosted theSurf Happens Foundation environmental stewardship component of the event teaching the Surf Happens Foundation High Five Program, picking up five pieces of trash every time you go to the beach and five easy solutions to reducing waste and carbon handprint.

Hundreds of little hands scoured the beach and picked up trash from the sand. After the recent high tides that combined with surf and wind the beach had plenty to clean and three Marborg boxes of waste were filled then analyzed of their contents. The beach was left spot less with the kids excited about doing their part, with high five as the start.

  When not cleaning the beach or out surfing in heats, kids were treated to beach games like capture the flag, jumping on a bosu with a softboard in front of a wave picture and watching friends enjoy the ocean. Surfers were showcasing amazing skills from the U8 paddle in to the U14 division and making the most out of the clean 1-3 foot surf. A highlight of the event was the U8 Push In Party Division featuring 28 kids some as young as four years old riding waves with friends and family for 30 minutes. Lakey Peterson and Chris Keet jumped in the water to join the fun and party waves were shared by all.


The nonprofit arm of Surf Happens Surf School, the Surf Happens Foundation, is a registered 501C3, which funds the LPKB through the support of generous donors.

  LPKB Grom Surf League Format:  After the first round surfers are separated into two brackets, the main event, and a repercharge division based upon heat placings. All skill levels are welcome with push in divisions available for U8 surfers.

  Presented by Channel Islands Surfboards, Hurley, and Surf Happens Surf School with amazing prize give aways. Contributing sponsors include Go Pro, Cliff Bar, Scosche Audio, and Sexwax. Media sponsors of the event are the Santa Barbara Independent, Deep magazine, and Surfline. Register today at

  About the Surf Happens Foundation: The Surf Happens Foundation is dedicated to sharing the sport and healthy lifestyle of surfing with area youths while teaching environmental stewardship and ocean safety.  Administered programs include: surf days and surf camps for children and young adults surviving cancer, surf days for at risk and low income youth, surf camp scholarships, along with environmental awareness programs and surfing centric safety and first aid promoted through free youth surfing contests / Grom Surf League Events.





Main Event:


Boys U 14

1.     Zane Booth

2.     Gavin Eason

3.     John Simon

4.     Nathan Shore

5.     Nate Irwin

6.     Shaemus O’hearn


Boys U12

1.     Finn Reyes

2.     Tanner Vodraska

3.     Trevor Berry

4.     Marley Sapp

5.     Curtis Jacobs

6.     Hamilton Jacobs


Boys U10

1.     Jak Sietz

2.     Pitus Higgins

3.     Caleb Faoro

4.     Jack Zoltan

5.     Garrett Haller

6.     Mac Sharp





Co-ed U8 Paddle In

1.     Koa Modicette

2.     Jack Charette

3.     Brooklyn Gittisarn

4.     Crue Ziskand

5.     Georgia Diaz

6.     Kai Mault


Girls U 14

1.     Makena Burke

2.     Emma Higgins

3.     Maddie Malmsten

4.     Brooke Young

5.     Blythe Hastings

6.     Naomi Norman


Girls U12

1.     Makena Burke

2.     Malia Haller

3.     Zoey Ziskand

4.     Hayden Randolph

5.     Nyah Mcgetrick

6.     Sophie Simon


Repercharge Event:


 Boys U14

1.     Darin Takeda

2.     Andrew Doyle

3.     Zachary Harris

4.     Drew Worthy

5.     Owen Hanson

6.     Chris Moon


Boys U12

1.     Gavin Eason

2.     Andrew Doyle

3.     Tyler Chiaraparra

4.     Adam Pata

5.     Noah Johnson

6.     Cayden Quittner


Boys U10

1.     DJ Heyman

2.     Talan Vodraska

3.     Duke Sharp

4.     Ty Jones

5.     Ashton Smith

6.     Hayden Thompson


Co-Ed U8 Paddle In

1.     River Huhn

2.     Sage Malmsten

3.     Ella Randolph

4.     Liam Herlihy

5.     Kevin Mcgibben

6.     Isabella Carreno


Girls U14

1.     Grace Thereault

2.     Riley Malmsten

3.     Grayson Campbell

4.     Maddison Tobin

5.     Molly Autio

6.     London Gittisarn


Girls U12

1.     Kaile Falk

2.     Kirra Cope

3.     Nathalie Scharin

4.     Kelly Bowdie

5.     Shella Norman

6.     Gigi Stump


U8 Push In Party Division

     Presley Ohearn

    Aricin Marshall

    Lolo Mcfadden

    Sofia Lloyd

    Beckett Mechtenberg

    Finee Jones

    Hawk Modicette

    Talia Marshall

    Josala Peneueta

    Georgia Diaz

    Jesse Van Dyk

    Ryan Chapman

    Milli Hamilton

    Hazel Richard

    Z Davis

    Anne Jansen

    Rome Gittisarn

    Wyatt Holsted

    Sage Malmsten

    Huxley Mcgetrick

    Lulu Jansen

    Keegan Abing

    Zoey Hagan

    Melina Seider

    Ryler Heyman

    Ella Randolph

    Marley Starr

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