Surf Out Wrap Up (VIDEO & IMAGES)

2nd Annual Coffin Surf Out Wrap Up Story

by Conner Coffin

We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out for our second annual Coffin Brother’s Surf Out benefitting the Surf Happens Foundation. We were a little nervous moving down from Jalama, as last year was epic, but we scored some fun little south swell in Ventura and had an even better turn out than last year with 165 groms participating and hanging out on the beach with friends and family!  

It’s really awesome to come home from traveling and get to hang out with so many fired up kids who are doing exactly what we were doing at their age. Surfing has such a tight knit community in our area and it’s always so fun to get everyone together in one place. Seeing all of the kids playing, laughing and dancing is super remindful of why we all started surfing in the first place and it’s so fun to share that energy with them. We also love the environmental aspect, teaching the kids to always leave the beach cleaner then how you found it. We couldn’t have put this event on without the amazing support and help of our sponsors, Blair Marlin, Chris Keet with Surf Happens, and the Surf Happens Foundation supporters. We are so grateful for their help because we love to be a part of the Surf Off and sharing a great day with great people. We look forward to the years to come! 

A huge thank you to all of the kids and their families who came out for the event!!!! Through the support of our sponsors Parker and I were able to raise $9,500 for the Surf Happens Foundation to share the stoke and support the youth of our community. Check out what they do


  U 8 Push In Party (Everyone is a winner equal 1st)

  * Sawyer Abing

  * Zion Phillips

  * Arcin Marshall

  * Rome Gittisarn

  * Nikau Webb

  * Tosh Webb

  * Keegan Abing

  * Sully Notaro

  * Ryder Lippman

  * Josai'a Peneuta

  * Leo Carter

  * Maddox Keet

  * Clemente Rojas

U 8 Paddle In Repechage Final

1. Ryan Chapman

2. Logan Moss

U 8 Paddle In Main Event Final (Co-Ed)

1. Madelyn Skaar

2. Keegan Abing

3. Sage Malmsten

4. Melina Seider

5. Sawyer Abing

6. Beckett Eason

U 10 Repechage Final

1.  Alden Klein

2. Graham Chapman

3. Brooklyn Gittisarn

4. Crue Ziskand

5. Morgan Ellis

6. Jack Z. 

U10 Main Event Final

1. Jak Ziets

2. Kai Cushner

3. Caleb Faoro

4. Talan Vodraska

5. Atsuya Nishizuko

6. John Mueller

U 12 Repechage Final

1. Calvin Lundy

2. Grayson Epstein

3. Mac Sharp

4. Kai Zukor

5. Forest

6. Jared Wilson

U 12 Main Event Final

1. Hamilton Jacobs

2. Pitus Higgins

3. Tanner Vodraska

4. Jak Ziets

5. Liam Osborne

6. Tyler Chiaraparra

U 14 Repechage Final

1. Ben Pace

2. Samuel Moore

3. Zack Dinklage

U 14 Main Event Final

1. Jabe Swierkocki

2. Taro Watanabe

3. Taj Linblad

4. Gavin Eason

5. Nesta Rivas

6. Andrew Doyle

U 13 Girls (Mermaids) Repechage Final

1. Sawyer Linblad

2. Kate Miller

3. Luella Pace

U 13 Girls (Mermaids) Main Event Final

1. Riley Malmsten

2. Nicole Economos

3. Ashley Trevino

4. Holland Gittisarn

5. Brooklyn Gittisarn

6. Alex Economos

U 17 Girls (Wahines) Main Event Final

1. Emma Higgins

2. Angel Singh

3. Rile Malmsten

4. Kaya Weber

5. Ruby Singh

6. London Gittisarn

U 17 Boys Repechage Final

1. Mario Diaz

2. Wesley Cherry

3. Hamilton Jacobs

4. Cole Miller

5. Curtis Jacobs

6. Tyler Chiaraparra

U 17 Boys Main Event Final

1. Jabe Swierkocki

2. David Economos

3. Eithan Osborne

4. Quinton Rubalacava

5. Ryder Alves

6. Max Beach


Expression Session

* Parker Coffin

* Conner Coffin

* Dane Reynolds

* Kilian Garland

* Brad Gerlach

* Matt McCabe

* Tommy Mckeown

* Ryder Alves

* Telly

* Mickey Clarke

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