First Annual Coffin Brothers’ Surf Out Goes Big

The conditions for the first annual Coffin Brothers Surf Out could not have been better and on a scale of 1-10 on the stokometer they were a 12. Hosted by The Surf Happens Foundation on Saturday August 8, at Jalama County Campground in uber consistent glassy 4-6 foot peaks, every nook of sand and reef as far as the eye could see was filled with the love. It was indeed a dream come true for the 100+ youth and families that made the trek to her shoreline. The contest area at the river mouth was a combination between Trestles and Huntington Beach with peaks galore that offered plenty of barrels, along with close out sections taylor made for power turns and big airs. Did I mention no wind all day and almost 80 degrees?

The Coffin Brothers teamed up with the Surf Happens Foundation (SHF) to host their first annual FREE grom contest to give back to the community and in an effort to raise awareness and funds for foundation. The event was a pay it forward hub where no entry fees were charged. However, through the event and generous donations by participants and donors we were able to raise $24,000 to support programs.

Every division featured stand out performances as groms from 6-17 charged the stellar conditions. In between heats the action was just as hot on the beach as the Coffin Brothers hosted special events like who can get the most sandy, and a dance contest. To add a little education to the fun the Surf Happens Foundation featured an environmental talk on their High Five Program along with several beach and campground clean ups. In addition they held free First Responder clinics for kids to learn surfing specific first aid, how to react in emergency situations, and how to turn commonly found beach items into first aid tools.

The Expression Session series was exciting and fun as the Coffin Brothers went head to head in the morning session and brought in some friends in the afternoon to join them including Dane Reynolds. All the boys went big and each ended up taking the victory of catching some good waves and busting out state of the art surfing for the fans. Conner Coffin took the victory in both bouts winning the morning session with power and precision, and the afternoon session with a flawless, lofty backside
air reverse into the flats.

Once the surfing action was complete everyone came back to the camp headquarters at Abalone Point for a good old fashioned barbeque courtesy of Duo Catering, live music by Conner Coffin and Travers Adler, and a heap of prizes from sponsors. After the awards were announced, and the dust settled, the crew retired to their individual camp sites for a night under the stars.

The event format:
The Surf Happens Foundation, Grom Surf League format for youth events features an opening round where nobody loses. The top 50% move on to the second round of the main event while the lower 50% move on to a repercharge division. In effect, the contest splits into two after the first round allowing everybody to surf at least twice with finals and prizes on both sides.

About the Surf Happens Foundation:
The Surf Happens Foundation a registered 501C3 dedicated to sharing the sport and healthy lifestyle of surfing with youths while teaching environmental stewardship and ocean safety. Free Administered programs include: surf contests, surf days, and surf camps for children and young adults surviving cancer, surf days for at risk and low income youth, after school programs, surf camp scholarships, environmental awareness programs promoted through youth surfing contests, and free ocean specific first aid and and rescue training.

Thanks to all of our supporting sponsors:
Channel Islands Surfboards, Hurley, Volcom, Surf Happens Surf School, Young Wise Tails, Etnies, Nixon, Monster, Fender, Oakley, Vonzipper, Scosche Audio, Sexwax, Duo Catering, Santa Barbara Independent and Deep Surf Magazine, and our partnering nonprofit, the Young And Brave Foundation. Also a huge thanks to Santa Barbara County Parks!

About Jalama:
Jalama Beach in northern Santa Barbara County is one of the most rugged and untouched landscapes you will find anywhere. A place where you can get away from the stresses of plugged in society, a retreat into the natural beauty of an older California. Rolling hills undulate like swells until they meet the cliffs at the coast line. The stars that fill the night sky are so vast that you can get lost for a time, and during the day get equally lost in the beauty of the sunshine and pristine white beaches. Oh, and the waves can get pretty darn good once in awhile too.

However, the waves and weather are in a constant flux affording everything from the most pristine conditions, to those that would be considered down right nasty.
The Tuesday prior to the event, 50 knot winds slammed the area with little surf on offer, and a shark was spotted munching on a seal out at the kelp bed. That is one side of what you may find, the other is a glimpse of perfection.



Repercharge Divisions

U10 Repercharge Final:
1. Jack Zietz
2. Jack Mcgibben
3. Kevin Mcgibben
4. Hawkins Pappas
5. Jack Zoltan
6. Adler Swierkocki

U 12 Repercharge Final:
1. Hamilton Jacobs
2. Marley Sapp
3. Leon De La Torre
4. Jack Zietz
5. Tyler Chiappara
6. Curtis Jacobs
7. Adam Pata

U 13 Girls Repercharge Final
1. London Gittisarn
2. Brookly Gittisarn

U 14 Boys Repercharge Final
1. Ryan Martin
2. Sam Reichel
3. Liam MCcoy
4. Taylor Robbins
5. Shane Boyle
6. Anthony Duprau

U 17 Boys Repercharge Final
1. Matty Pierce
2. Levi Krull
3. Taylor Freeh
4. Jesse Freeland
5. Garett Gallegar
6. Caleb Curtis

Main Event Finals:

U 10 Boys
1. Curtis Jacobs
2. Pitus Higgins
3. Hamilton Jacobs
4. Caleb Faoro
5. Noel De La Torre
6. Aiden Kelly

U 12 Boys
1. Jabe Swierkocki
2. Dimitri Poulos
3. Taj Linblad
4. Trevor Berry
5. Gavin Eason
6. Cole Sandman

U 13 Girls
1. Maddie Malmsten
2. Riley Malmsten
3. Holland Gittisarn
4. Jesse Engel
5. Kyra Cope
6. Emma Higgins

U 17 Girls
1. Brooke Young
2. Abby Brown
3. Kyra Williams
4. Alana Moore
5. Angel Singh
6. Ruby Singh
7. Cassidy Urbany

U 14 Boys
1. Crosby Collapinto
2. Tommy McKeown
3. Jabe Swierkocki
4. Ryder Alves
5. Matty Pierce
6. Myles Freeh

U 17 Boys
1. Ryan Martin
2. Noa Jacobsen
3. Isaiah Hansen
4. Zane Booth
5. Colby Cole
6. Jace Kennedy

Coffin Brothers Surf Out specialty awards:
1. Hardest Charger: Pitus Higgins
2. Brave Heart: Emma Higgins
(broke her arm skateboarding and wanted to keep surfing!)
3. Most stoked: Jack and Kevin Mcgibben

Expression Sessions:
Session 1 Conner Coffin Versus Parker Coffin. Winner Conner Coffin

Super Session.
1. Conner Coffin
2. Dane Reynolds
3. Parker Coffin
4. Cole Sandman, Loren Anderson, Eli Cole, Blair Marlin

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