California Coastal Cleanup 2015

Wrap Up: Surf Happens Foundation and Surf Happens joined Explore Ecology for Santa Barbara County Coastal Cleanup Dayjoining a state wide cleanup effort for the 3rd year. We had 20 volenteers slip on gloves and comb Santa Claus Lane collecting about 15lbs of unwanted waste. Most of these staws, ciggaet butts, bottle caps and little plastic bits would have ended up in the ocean, polluting our waters and animla life. Everyone took the HIGH5 Pledge to "pick up 5 pieces of trash every time you go to the beach" #lovethesea


What: A program put on by Santa Barbara County to help keep the central coast clean, and maintain the natural environment. Thousands of volunteers come out and help pick up trash along the coast. Surf Happens Foundation wants you to help us clean the beach. Santa Barbara needs help from the community to maintain its beauty. Santa Barbara is also home to a diverse set of aquatic species. Lets do our part by making sure we don't ruin their home. The central coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth, lets make sure the generations to come agree with us.